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Me (was Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.)

AJ wrote:
>Unfortunately he
>hadn't, and hasn't, applied.
I've been having a very bad time learning to use GPG and handle keys, 
especially since I've switched computers repeatedly recently (and don't have 
flash keychains and such wizardry).  I would *certainly* welcome assistance 
with learning how to handle this nonsense.  :-(  After that, I need to get my 
putative key signed, and there's no point in even applying until I get all 
that done, at least according to the NM pages.

Please forgive me if I would rather spend my time working on getting sarge 
into a state which I personally like to use, and my various other projects, 
than on wrestling with GPG.  I feel bad about my GPG-incompetence, but there 
it is.

>That he's since described Debian as being
>led by hypocrites and incompetents,
Thank you for convicing me of that.  :-)

> and started this thread has lowered my opinion of him
OK; I don't take offense at that.  After all, my opinion of you has gone down 
too (I'm not at all fond of your repeated use of refuted claims as "support" 
for your arguments).  But I still think you're doing a very good job as 
release manager.

> and makes me far less likely to be willing to trust
>how he'd act without supervision.
Well, the following facts should help you trust the way I act without 
* when involved in anything collaborative, I *always* give a reason for what I 
* I'm actually very cautious, some would say too cautious, about making 
changes (although I'm not at all cautious about proposing them).  Look at my 
record committing to the GCC CVS repo (versus my record on the GCC mailing 
* I don't volunteer to do more than I actually have time and interest for.
(Accordingly, I almost certainly would *not* want to be a release assistant 
for sarge+1, since I expect to be quite preoccupied with other things.  :-/
I actually learned all the release stuff *just* so that I would be able to 
work out what prevents package X from being in sarge, for the benefit of 
explaining this to maintainers whose packages were having an awful lot of 
trouble -- if you look at my mail of a few months ago, I clearly couldn't 
identify causes at the time.)
* I recognize my limitations; one of them is that I come across as being much 
more hostile than I actually am.  :-/

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