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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't beingaccepted.

>The right thing would be,
>"James, if you've got a moment, could you look at X for me?  Thanks"
>The wrong thing would be,
>"James, do X now!" ... 5 minutes later ... "James, why haven't you done
>X?" ... 5 minutes later ... "James is ignoring me" ... 5 minutes later
>... "I want James removed from his position"

Hmm.  But those are edge cases.  Where does this fall?
1. "James, please do X"
7 days later
2. "James, could you take another look at X?"
7 days later,
3. "James, could you please do X now?  It's getting urgent.  Is there anyone 
else who could do this, perhaps?"
7 days later,
4. "James, &*$*!@$&ing do X already!  Everyone else: where is James and why is 
he ignoring me?"
7 days later,
5. "I want James removed from his position!"

That's approximately what I actually saw happening from bug trails and so 

To give James proper credit, a very large proportion of the time it never gets 
past (1) or (2) before James does X, or explains why he won't.  But people 
judge jobs like FTPmaster and DAM based on the *worst case*, not the average 
case.  (And this is IMO entirely appropriate for "gatekeeper" jobs; one 
problem with its resolution delayed for six months is usually much more 
frustrating to everyone than 100 problems each delayed for one week.)

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