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Re: Why Linux, Why Debian

Manoj Srivasta wrote:
>In order to start a dialogue, I have a few questions I would
> like to solicit responses to the following (please do not hesitate to
> add to the following; these are merely things I have thought off the
> top of my head).

Mind if I give another reason?

"Debian will remain 100% free software".

Although Debian is currently not adhering to that principle IMO (non-free 
documentation software), it is at least in theory committed to it.

(Similarly, I like the US and Thomas Jefferson for the claim in the 
Declaration of Independence that "All men are created equal, and are endowed 
by their creator with certain unalienable rights -- that among these are 
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" -- even if it was written while 
most of the states still allowed slavery, and was in fact written by a 
slaveholder -- so, written and signed by hypocrites.)

Essentially nobody else commits to this even in principle.  I know I can make 
a private fork of anything in Debian if I want or need to.  I know I have the 
source to everything available very easily. -- well, except for the places 
where Debian doesn't fulfill its promise, of course.

> 1) Do you think that OpenBSD 's repuation as a secure OS is
>    justified? Does the secure part of OpenBSD provide a useful platform
>    for your needs? Would SELinux meet or exceed the needs for a
>    secure OS for you?
Yes, no because it's too obsolete (gcc 2.95), and yes.

> 3) Do you think that BSD kernels have better quality than Linux
>    kernels? Do Linux kernels have more features?  Are these features
>    important for you?
no, yes, and yes.

> 4) Do you think that network performance of the BSD's is better than
>    that of Linux, including that of the 2.6 kernels?  What about NFS
>    performance? 
No, and I hate NFS with a passion.

> 6) Are security fixes available in a timely fashion for the BSD's?
>    For Linux in general? For Debian?
Yes to all of the above.

> 9) Does the gentoo configurability deliver significantly better
>    performance? Is the added step of compilation too much of an
>    inconvenience? 
No, and no.  Hmm, came down on the fence there, didn't I?

> 10) Does the BSD ports system compare favorably to gentoo or sorceror
>     Linux? Does the ports system always build for you? are upgrades
>     to individual packages easy, using ports/portage/emerge? 
Ports does not compare to Debian packages or source packages.  Yeah, that 
wasn't the question, I know.

> 11) Is it easy for you to discover new software when not using
>     Debian? When using gentoo? When using one of the BSD's?
Debian has been by far the easiest way to discover new software for me.

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