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Re: Python or Perl for a Debian maintainance project?

Andrew Suffield wrote:
> However, it results in code that throws exceptions to the user rather
> than useful error messages, which is amateurish. The user should never
> see an exception unless there is a bug in your code; errors from the
> system should be handled properly. This *does* make your code twice as
> long, but it will not make it any less readable if you do it
> right. Failing to do it is like failing to test your code before
> releasing it, or trusting data read from the network - it is not
> something that has any place in a serious program.

You tempt me to file a bug on any python program that throws me an
exception, much as I do on any C program that segfaults.

It would be a lot of bug reports though. :-/ Including some on code
written by other participants of this thread.

PS, I wholly agree with you.

see shy jo

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