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Re: Python or Perl for a Debian maintainance project?

Ruby. It's just, so nice. OO, GC, minimal syntax overhead - a proper language
but as close to a "scripting" language as you can get. SDL bindings, GNOME bindings
and 50 more libs too.

I haven't used Python, and I'm only a beginner at Ruby, but I've programmed Java
for years.

Debian related libs are perhaps a little thin though - depends what you need I

$ apt-cache search ruby|grep -i debian

$ apt-cache search ruby|grep -i dpkg
dpkg-ruby - ruby interface for dpkg
libdpkg-ruby1.6 - modules/classes for dpkg on ruby 1.6
libdpkg-ruby1.8 - modules/classes for dpkg on ruby 1.8

$ apt-cache search ruby|grep -i dh



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