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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

* Martin Michlmayr (tbm@cyrius.com) [040212 15:10]:
> * Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> [2004-02-12 09:45]:
> > Goswin is definitly willing to pass through n-m, and is at "waiting
> > for DAM"-stage for too long time now.

> Okay, let's look whether this assertion is really true.  So much has
> been said about this without actually considering any facts, so let me
> briefly describe what really happened.  Most of the time, NM has in
> fact waited for Goswin rather than the other way around.
> [...]

Well, I know that the relation between Debian and Goswin has a lot of
rough edges and dark history (from whichever angle you look at it).
However, my sentence above was e.g. referring to the following
statement on nm.d.o:
| Under review for the next 3 months [tbm, 2003-09-16] DAM has to say
| what next [tbm, 2004-01-11]

My first contact with Goswin was as I cleaned up wnpp, and I mailed to
him because of an old ITP. His answer was one I got quite often ("I'll
package it when I'm a DD."), but I told him (as all others) that this
way does not work, and he was the only one that really started to do
something after my answer. I think that since that time he has
improved much (and his way of dealing with problems, and also his
communication skills) - but I see of course only parts of his
behaviour (namely the generic mailing lists and IRC), and I can't
judge really about his m68k-work (except that I always consider it
better if more persons care about Debian or any given architecture of
course, but I think we all agree on this). (And, just for reference,
Goswin tells plainly when speaking with him that the dates on nm.d.o
about his application are more or less wrong, and his waiting time is
way shorter than it seems. IIRC the first time I heared about this was
from him.)

This all does not mean that I think anyone is "guilty" or that I try
to blame anyone.

No, I just think it's not fair to point with the fingers to Goswin and
tell him "either become a DD, or just shut up". He is trying to do his
best, and he's doing a great deal for Debian, and I really think he
has improved much, and that the way he's behaving in the last time is
appropriate. And I always consider it good practice to tell people
when they're improving themselfs that they're on the right way, and
Goswin is on the right way.

As always: The above is just the part I see, and could be wrong with
more facts; if this is the case, please don't hesitate to tell me the
additional facts.

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