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Re: Hijacking ITPs ?

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Matthias Urlichs wrote:

> Hi,
> if there's an ITP out there which hasn't seen any action (AFAIK anyway),
> how long (after trying to contact the ITP's author) would you wait until
> you decide to go ahead and package the program yourself?
> I am specifically talking about the rest of Project Aegypten (smart-card
> and GnuPG agent support and all that), bugs #187546 thru 187549.
> Personally, I'd lean towards "one week" or so...

I think the best way should be to contact the submitter of the ITP and in
case of no answer try after a week or so.. having an ITP doesn't buond
anyone to a timelimit. See the ITP for sks as an example.. we notified
everyone that we are working on the packaging but since part of the
compiler/build-deps are not in sid yet we simply can't upload it.


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