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How to search for uploads on buildd.net/org and incoming

I realized today that the builds of exim4 on arm and sparc were never
uploaded and started searching for them before I pestered the porters.
Starting with http://www.buildd.net/index-arm.html and checking all
the possibilies (needs-build, building, ...) I found the package as
"Uploaded" http://www.buildd.net/buildd/arm_Uploaded.html

|  Uploaded -- 5 -- Feb  3 20:43
| exim4_4.30-5

However the package is neither on http://incoming.debian.org/ nor in
the pool on ftp.debian.org nor listed in

Is there something else I can do or look at except for waiting whether
the package appears in the pool after the next mirror pulse?
            cu andreas
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