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Re: How to search for uploads on buildd.net/org and incoming

Andreas Metzler <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org> wrote:
> Is there something else I can do or look at except for waiting whether
> the package appears in the pool after the next mirror pulse?

It has not.

Next question: Why isn't there a canonical to interact with the

Developer's reference seems to suggest using the respective port
mailinglists (e.g. debian-arm), however this simply does not work
reliably, it looks like not all buildd admins are reading the
respective lists.

If you do not believe me check e.g. the recent archives for s390 (no
blame intended, just the first thing I stumbled upon). - Almost every
mail asking for "please retry...", "please requeue ..." or "blah can
be safely retried now" has simply been left unanswered.
                 cu andreas
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