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Re: gcc as optional

Martin Pitt wrote:


On 2004-01-28  8:44 +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:

The number of people not using the task system that would have to
install gcc by hand after installing the default packages would be a
lot greater than the number of people who currently deinstall gcc
because of being shortof space, so I don't think making gcc optional
would be a good idea.

Well, I think this is a strong "geek-minded" point of view...:-).

In these days, people who really need a C compiler a a Unix machine,
especially a workstation, is lowering.

I fully agree :-)

OTOH the hard disk become bigger, and the quota of special machines
that need to install minimmun of packages is lowering (IMHO).

I see GNU/Linux and Debian as the "batteries included"[1] OS,
so the os that include already the most used programs, and
*I* consider gcc an importan program to include.


[1] "batteries included" is the motto of python

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