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Re: gcc as optional

Quoting Santiago Vila (sanvila@unex.es):

> The number of people not using the task system that would have to
> install gcc by hand after installing the default packages would be a
> lot greater than the number of people who currently deinstall gcc
> because of being shortof space, so I don't think making gcc optional
> would be a good idea.

Well, I think this is a strong "geek-minded" point of view...:-).

In these days, people who really need a C compiler a a Unix machine,
especially a workstation, is lowering.

Debian currently tries to target end users, for instance with the new
debian installer stuff. Other users already know that Debian is for
sure the best adapted Linux distribution for servers, routers,
firewalls, geek laptops....:-)

All these people do indeed know how to install gcc easily (Goswin
mentioned "apt-get install build-essentials").

Others will be quite surprised to see a whole bunch f packages they
don't care about get installed on their systems. This is why I support
Andrea proposal, which should indeed be reported as a bug against the
gcc package(s).

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