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Re: [mass bug filing] still depending on exim instead of exim4

Daniel J. Priem <devel@walki.homelinux.org> wrote:
> Am Mit, 2004-01-14 um 11.23 schrieb Marc Haber:
>> Because exim 4 is not a drop-in replacement for exim 3. It uses a
>> different configuration file format that cannot be converted in an
>> easy way.

> Why dont develop a script wich is converting the exim3conf to an
> usable exim4config and haveing this in the postinstallscript?  or is
> exim4 so different that this is absolutely impossible?

Whether it is "absolutely impossible" or not is not interesting at
all; the big question is whether it can be done with reasonable
expenditure and 100% reliability, and the answer to that seems to be

Exim's author has written a conversion script (installed as
exim_convert4r4) that is already quite involved but far from the
status of reliability required for _automatic_ conversion.
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