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Architecture distribution in Debian according to popcon

Finally, the new popularity-contest report pages are working, and the
new summary scripts are available.  1684 hosts are currently
reporting, and this give us a good idea on which packages are in use
in Debian.

The numbers are among other things used to decide the package order
when building CDs, so if you want to make sure the packages you use
are the the first CDs, install popularity-contest.  It require that
the host is able to send emails to participate.

The result pages are available <URL:http://popcon.debian.org/>.

New since the version in Woody, is that popularity-contest report the
running architecture of the participants.  Currently the number of
samples are a bit too low to judge the real usage, but the numbers are
interesting anyway:

    1   0.09% x86_64
    1   0.09% m68k
    1   0.09% hppa
    1   0.09% mips
    3   0.26% alpha
    8   0.69% sparc
   18   1.56% powerpc
 1119  97.14% i386
 1152 100.00% total (ignored 532 without arch info)

Not too bad, but I suspect the fraction of non-i386 arch should be
larger than 2.9%.  If you agree, I suggest you install and configure
popularity-contest to report your package usage and arch info every
week.  Several architectures are missing from the list.  Are no-one
using them?

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