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Re: Sid is unusable

Scripsit Michael Ablassmeier <abi@grinser.de>

> Postfix specific:
> http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?package=postfix

It says that it is out of date on m68k, which indeed it is.  But why
is that?  As far as I can tell all the build-dependencies exist for
m68k, but the buildd logs do not even tell of a failed build attempt.

I thought that m68k was keeping up well at the moment.  At least when
I had autotrace 0.31.1-4 uploaded earlier this week, it had been built
for m68k less than 7 hours later.  And I daresay that postfix is more
important to more people than autotrace, and has waited longer.

Henning Makholm                                 "Need facts -- *first*. Then
                                            the dialysis -- the *analysis*."

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