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Re: A Radical Multi-Arch Counter-Proposal

On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 11:51:24AM +0100, Xavier Roche wrote:
> This is not to throw another (slightly off-topic on devel-x86-64)
> though, but I was (stupidely) wondering if the 32/64 packaging
> questions and migration could not also be extended to a possibly "586
> optimized" packages asked by many folks (supposely 5% to 30%
> performances increase) ; see related information at
> http://debian-i586.sourceforge.net/

I vaguely recall a scheme for installing optimized glibc libraries using
a directories structure like /usr/lib/{arch}-{os}/.  I'm assuming that
the concensus for the FSB/FHS people that this was too complicated and
unnecessary for 90% of installations, partially because you would also
need a /usr/bin/{arch}-{os} for architecture specific binaries.  You
then need shell scripts or custom dotfiles to establish the correct path
environment.  It's not unheard of, just slightly more complicated.

Someone brought up NFS servers.  In a multi-arch server you might see a
schema similar to the one mentioned above.  Alternatively, you might see
a less complicated tree with /export/{arch}-{os} that contains ./lib,
./bin, and ./sbin or the whole /usr or /usr/local tree.

There are so many ways to do things that the KISS (Keep It Simple
Stupid) philosophy often wins out.  Really, do we need to install
/usr/lib/i386-freebsd...  Perhaps.  If we're going to be a multi-kernel
system and a multi-arch system.  Don't some of the BSD's run Linux code

> If the dpkg system has to be improved for x86-64, it might be a good
> idea to allow such thing ?

*shrug*  Most of the argument against compiling optimized libraries for
EVERYTHING is that the boot in performance is very little for most
cases.  Optimizing the kernel is far more important.  However, with
select binaries and libraries,  such as OpenGL, XFree86, and scientific
and numeric libraries, it might be nice to have.

> Just a slightly off-topic idea.  [Sorry for the potentially bad
> english]

Your english is fine; don't beat yourself up about it. ;-)

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