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Re: Sid is unusable

On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 06:24:52PM +0100, A Mennucc wrote:
> charlie derr wrote:
> >Savio Ramos wrote:
> >>
> >>I upgraded sid last Friday, but it is unsuble. Gnome can't open two 
> >>programs at the same time. For example epiphany and openoffice. I am 
> >>using xfce4 because it is a little bit more usable.
> >>
> >Maybe you shouldn't be running sid?  It is called unstable for a reason. 
> (the above reply seems a bit too tongue-in-cheek -- consider that , if 
> nobody was using
> Debian/sid, then there would not ever be a new Debian release)

You think so?

Well, unstable sometimes deliver what it promises: instability.

Therefore only advanced users (who can fix some trouble themself and 
preferably write a bug report about it) should be running unstable and 
thats what Charlie suggested. 

At least in my experience (from various mailing lists) it seems that
more people are running Debian unstable than lets say a development
kernel or a development branch of Gnome or KDE and they all get there 
releases done. 

IMHO there is a more interesting question here:
why do a lot of users use the unstable branch?

Probaply because stable is too old and fiddling around with backports
isn't what you can call fun either, besides that it also seems that
quite a number of users don't even know about backports.



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