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Re: Temp maintainers wanted: fspanel, nload, openverse

Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> Anyway, new upstream release + bugfixes to the debian/rules files
> available from http://jeroen.a-eskwadraat.nl/sw/debian/nload-temp.tar
> (Lintian clean, fixes largest part of all one bug, the remaining
> things in that bug are wishlist)

Are you going to close it, request a new bug submission, retitle,
downgrade priority?

> - I'd need a sponsor for this since I'm no DD (only in NM queue)

I will sponsor that. But let's clear the bug outcome up first.

> - Couldn't confirm for sure #141920 was indeed fixed upstream,

If I can login into sarti.debian.org , I'll try to figure that out.

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