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Temp maintainers wanted: fspanel, nload, openverse

I'm looking for temporary maintainers (i.e. people who actually use
this software, but who're willing to give the package back when the
maintainer returns) for fspanel, nload and openverse.  Package
descriptions are below.

Package: fspanel
Description: A minimalist panel for X
 It's a panel for Linux that lists all your windows, but the difference
 is that it's tiny. The binary is about 10k and it takes barely any
 memory. It works under any gnome compliant window manager (eg. E,
 Sawfish, WindowMaker, IceWM, Oroborus) and supports KDE's mini icons (the
 KWM_WIN_ICON atom).

Package: nload
Description: A realtime network usage monitor.
 Nload  is a console application which monitors network traffic and bandwidth
 usage in real time. It displays the total amount of data that has been
 transfered over a network device since the last reboot, the current bandwidth
 usage,  and  the  minimum,  maximum,  and  average bandwidth usage measured
 since it started.
 If the user wants, it is also able to display two bars, similar to progress
 bars,  presenting the current load graphically. Support for displaying several
 devices simultaneously is included.

Package: openverse
Description: A graphical chat written in tcl/tk.
 OpenVerse is a graphical visual chat client/server written in tcl/tk.
 Anyone who has seen Virtual Places, The Palace, or any other visual chat
 can quickly relate to what OpenVerse is.
 This package includes both the client program and server code.

Martin Michlmayr

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