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Re: Temp maintainers wanted: fspanel, nload, openverse

* tbm <tbm@cyrius.com> [2004-01-12 10:58]:
> I'm looking for temporary maintainers (i.e. people who actually use
> this software, but who're willing to give the package back when the
> maintainer returns) for fspanel, nload and openverse.  Package
> descriptions are below.
> Package: openverse
> Description: A graphical chat written in tcl/tk.
>  OpenVerse is a graphical visual chat client/server written in tcl/tk.
>  Anyone who has seen Virtual Places, The Palace, or any other visual chat
>  can quickly relate to what OpenVerse is.
>  This package includes both the client program and server code.

openverse is still available.  Anyone interested in maintaining this
for a while?
Martin Michlmayr

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