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Chasen depends keep it out of 'sarge' permanently -- bug in dependency interpretation?

The testing scripts aren't happy with chasen's dependency:

chasen/arm unsatisfiable Depends: ipadic (>= 2.6.3) | chasen-cannadic

This is a bit messed up, because chasen-cannadic *is* present in testing. However, ipadic, the previous option, isn't (on all architectures.)

This page gives a clue:

It appears that this is being interpreted as if it meant
Depends: ipadic (>= 2.6.3) | chasen-cannadic (>= 2.6.3)
This is not what is meant, of course, and the chasen-cannadic version is much less than 2.6.3

What's going on here? Is the Depends: line miswritten, or are the tools buggy?

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