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Re: testing migration without arm build [was: Chasen depends keep it out of 'sarge' permanently -- bug in dependency interpretation?]

On 2004-01-11 23:14 -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> The testing scripts aren't happy with chasen's dependency:
> chasen/arm unsatisfiable Depends: ipadic (>= 2.6.3) | chasen-cannadic
> This is a bit messed up, because chasen-cannadic *is* present in 
> testing.

This is also the case with other packages, e. g. apache. They moved
into testing although they weren't built on arm (but on all other
arches); so it is very likely that this has nothing specifically to do
with chasen.

Were these packages forced into testing because the arm autobuilder
lags behind so badly?

Thanks for enlightenment!


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