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Re: fixing debconf stdin bug

* Joey Hess

 > I have not decided if I will accept this change, since it conflicts
 > with how debconf is intended to be used on a philosphical level. Do
 > I really want to make it easier for postinst scripts to bypass
 > debconf in prompting the user, an action which is now deprecated by
 > policy?

* Manoj Srivastava

 > 	Policy merely states that you must needs use a debconf like
 >  mechanism to talk to the user -- something that follows the policy
 >  spec. That does not imply that debconf has sole rights -- one could
 >  well have an alternate mechanism to talk to the user, which is policy
 >  compliant, and not debconf.
 > 	Hence, stealing away stdin is a bug.

  For what it's worth, policy 6.3 also states you should use /dev/tty
 for interaction with the user, so relying on stdin/out to be
 connected to the user's terminal is a bug in itself.  I agree that
 stealing stdin is a bug, but it will only affect packages that are
 already buggy from failing to use /dev/tty for their non-Debconf

Tore Anderson

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