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Re: fixing debconf stdin bug

Andreas Metzler wrote:
> If I understand you correctly this kind of problem depends on the
> _daemon's_ sourcecode and not only on the maintainerscript and cannot
> reliably be found just by checing the latter, but by installing the
> package, can it?

Right, I'm fairly sure that at least a few daemons have been modified
for debian, perhaps changed to close only fd 3, and would trip over this
sort of change. 

I regard this as an api change for a library, and if I accept it I will
probably do so by changing the library's "soname" -- which in this case
means adding a new version of /usr/share/debconf/confmodule under a new

I have not decided if I will accept this change, since it conflicts with
how debconf is intended to be used on a philosphical level. Do I really
want to make it easier for postinst scripts to bypass debconf in
prompting the user, an action which is now deprecated by policy?

see shy jo

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