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[Fwd: Bug in Linux kernel ext2 headers]


for some time now, I wonder if Debian (sarge) should have Kernel 2.6
when using linux-kernel-headers from 2.6. Now that we got the message I
forward herewith, we should clarify this.

My apologies if this was discussed elsewhere. Then, please just reply
with a reference.


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I just did find this by chance....

It looks like you found a bug and are hit by the unwillingness of the Linux
kernel crew to keep kernel header constsistent.

But IMPORTANT: your "fix" is unacceptable for star in general as it prevents 
star from compiling on older versions of Linux. There is _only_ the
include file that star uses...

Just another note: The Linux 2.6 kernel introduced incompatible 
interface changes with major/minor mapping to previous Linux kernels. If Debian 
continues to use it's broken method of compiling applications only only once 
for different kernels you will end up in a broken star binary if star is run on
a kernel it has not been compiled for.

It is important to understand that the kernel and the core shell utilities 
are a unitiy that may not be mixed between different releases. 

Another hint: Forget what the Linux kernel crew says - they don't understand the
Linux kernel.... You need to compile applications that use kernel interfaces
by using the kernel include files for the kernel you like to compile for.

Doing what the Linux kernel crew says: "compile against the header files
libc has been compiled with" is wrong and creates broken binaries.
There are a lot of kernel interfaces that are out of the scope of libc.
Using the kernel interfaces may only be done correctly if you use the include
files the kernel did use.

If you have more questions feel free to ask, and please keep in contact with me
in future to avoid to introduce patches that may cause portability problems.


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