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Re: mass-auto-installing-testing Debian packages using pbuilder

> >About 50 are emacs related packages, which fail to install 
> >because emacs20 doesn't install when stdin is /dev/null
> Isn't emacs20 going away in favor of emacs21?

I believe that is the case, and that is probably why this behavior
is not fixed. I have a vague memory of tackling this problem few years 

> >Many packages tried to interactively configure packages with 
> >user input from stdin, and not using debconf.
> I believe most if not of these packages should have bugs filed against them.  
> Correct?

I'm rather non-confident, since packages like 'sendmail' have interactive
installation, and probably many packages still are prompting users in
installation; just that nobody ever bothered.

> >Several packages died with similar error to:
> >
> >Setting up bincimap (1.2.3-3) ...
> >/etc/ssl/certs/imapd.pem doesn't exists.
> >Creating self-signed certificate... chmod: failed to get attributes of 
> >`imapd.pem': No such file or directory
> >dpkg: error processing bincimap (--configure):
> > subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1
> Weird and mysterious to me....

Gerrit> It's the 'openssl req' program that fails to create imapd.pem it seems.
Gerrit> Unfortunately the error messages are suppressed.  But it doesn't look
Gerrit> like a bug in bincimap's postinst to me.

The problem here is that 'openssl' is not installed.
The package only depends on libssl0.9.7, and not openssl itself.


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