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Re: Services I'd like from auric

On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 08:15, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:
> >> There's the question of botched uploads.  I think we've all accidentally
> >> botched an upload one time or another, and having access to auric means
> >> we can fix it without having to call on the ftpmasters for help.
> > It depends on whether the queue daemon allows overwriting existing files, I
> > suppose.  There isn't much that you can't undo by overwriting or superseding
> > an upload.
> Just upload a signed .commands file to remove the broken upload. Doc is
> in the README in the UploadQueue dir or maybe in Devel-Ref too.
Certainly ain't documented anywhere other than in the README that I've
ever seen.


How hard would it be for a developer to implement something like
"testing" without access to auric?  How about the implementation and
testing of package pools or future experimental changes to the archive

A lot of the really neat stuff that's been done to improve things has
been done by random developers who had a bit of free time and an urge to

If they're unable to login to ftp-master, it might prevent them from
being able to do something really neat the project could benefit from.

In effect, closing auric access to an elite list (all of whom are very
busy people) prevents the rest of us from inventing new ways of using

Have you ever, ever felt like this?
Had strange things happen?  Are you going round the twist?

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