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Re: GNU within the name

Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.cx> said:

> Julian Mehnle dijo [Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 12:56:15PM +0100]:
>> viro@www.linux.org.uk wrote:
>> > If we ever get a replacement libc that would really work as
>> > replacement... on such system GNU claims would become much weaker.  Not
>> > that there was a serious chance of that happening - drop-in replacement
>> > of glibc on Linux would be a lot of work and so far none of the
>> > alternative libc projects had tried to pull that off.
>> Why would anyone want to replace GLIBC in the first place?  To get rid of "GNU" in "GNU/Linux"?
> Maintainability? Many people (not me, I would lack that level of
> technical skills) have pointed out that glibc's code is a mess.
> Ability to distribute under another license? Yes, it might not be a
> priority in Debian (we are, after all, pro-GPL), but many people would
> like having a BSD-style libc for Linux...

The glibc is LGPLed, not GPLed. If even LGPL is not enough for
someone, I'm not sure he's looking to contribute to Free Software


Mathieu Roy

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