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Re: [OT] Re: Changes in formal naming for NetBSD porting effort(s)

On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 01:05:00PM +0200, Kai Henningsen wrote:
> ... neither of the two above, who are pretty obviously losers (even though  
> they're certainly on very different sides; surprise, sometimes there's  
> more than two of 'em).
> There's more than one actual difference between the two statements,  
> though, and I claim those are much more relevant. For example, the one is  
> a short list of specific persons, whereas the other is an enormous and ill- 
> defined list (the number of people where it's not obviously clear if they  
> count as Jews or non-Jews is pretty large).
> Also, I'm pretty sure that one of these groups consists only of deceased  
> persons. Nobody can make them suffer. The actual point of "hate speech",  
> at least as I understand it (our terms for these things are not quite the  
> same), is that it is (designed|likely) to cause such suffering.
> If pressed, I'd be likely to count stuff like "admit it, you're just  
> practising hate speech" als hate speech, though, even though it is  
> actually only targeted at a specific person (each time). Though it is  
> probably entirely sufficient to characterize it as a blatant ad-hominem.

Y'all are going to bust a vein on this one.

So far, on *.debian.org, I've found a great many people who actively 
hate Jesus, this german who apparently has familiar views on Jews (as 
does frighteningly much of Europe), and a whole bunch of college 
professors who actively hate America.

And everybody has communistic views on the business world.

And, for third parties reading this in future, just look at what they're 
getting ready to do to *me*.

Just for those keeping a scorecard.  (I just want to be able to link to 
this post in future to completely destroy your credibility).

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