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Re: exim4-config and exim4-base installed on systems with non-exim-MTA

On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 19:24:28 +0100, Marc Haber
<mh+debian-devel@zugschlus.de> wrote:
>On Thu, 4 Dec 2003 13:43:39 +1000, Anthony Towns
><aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:
>>Maybe an easy way of answering that is to instead answer this: why can't
>>you just make the -config package a bunch of files and a script that
>>doesn't get executed until the daemon package is installed?
>That's a nice idea. The -base init script would only do something if a
>daemon is found anyway.

After looking into that matter, I am not sure if this will actually
help. Calling -config's "postinst" from -daemon's postinst will only
help if it is guaranteed that all packages in the dependency cycle are
unpacked before the first configure attempt is started. Policy 7.2 is
amazingly fuzzy in that regard, only saying that "packages in an
installation run are usually all unpacked first and all configured

An additional problem is debconf. If dpkg-preconfigure is used, all
packages config scripts run before the actual packages are unpacked.
This way, we can rely on all questions being asked before
configuration is started. But if dpkg-preconfigure is not used, the
only thing we can rely on - if I understand correctly - is that
foo.config is run before foo.postinst. We'd need to use hooks in the
config scripts to invoke -config's config from -daemon's config.

We would also have to dream up some magic code to handle the
parameters handled down to postinst and config, most notably the
version numbers.


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