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Re: [custom] Re: Custom Debian Distributions

On Tue, 2 Dec 2003, Zenaan Harkness wrote:

> Is there a single place where all official Custom Debian Distributions
> (CDDs - even a reasonable TLA), aka internal projects, are listed?
Unfortunately not yet under www.debian.org, but if the redirection
loop to people.debian.org is solved again you might consider reading


This is my current talk about "Custom Debian Distributions" I held at
LinuxDays Luxembourg containing all known (to me) projects with URLs and
relevant people.  I'll prepare a written paper (hopefully) soon.  I wished
there were more relevant docs about this topic and a common page at
www.debian.org but I did not found enough time to care about this in the

Moreover there is


where you can find some (not all - for instance Debian-Np is missing)
listed in the end under the old name "Internal Projects".

> > These Custom Distributions use the technique of metapackages and have
> > common goals and try to develop common technologies.
> Should have a cdd@lists.d.o list then...
See #160229.

> > reference.  In Oslo was a decision to name it "Custom Debian Distribution"
> > and if we try to speak with each other we have to agree about some
> > terms.  This thread shows that there is not yet an agreement and this
> > sucks because we have to explain over and over again what we are talking
> > about.
> Actually, it feels to me like we've come to a rough concensus on Custom
> Debian Distribution. There is agreement a single term is a good thing,
> perhaps with sub-definitions. No one (unless I missed it) has proposed a
> better name that hasn't had problems pointed out. I think.
I have no problems with any name because I'm generally holding my breath
in naming discussions.  On the other hand people who invented a name should
care for populating the meaning to avoid confusion.  This was not yet done
and *this* is the problem.

> > For instance we have defined a term "Package Pools" and everybody now
> > knows what we are talking about ...
> Exactly.
> It comes down to people using it. How would one go about creating a
> common location for pointers to all of these CDDs?
Just go for it.  You can get CVS access to wml pages even if you are
not a DD.

> Then, it's up to the projects to start using the term. A list would I
> think be very good for making cdd discussions stand out at this point -
> there seems to be enough traffic. But perhaps I'm wrong, I don't know.
You are completely right.  I'm feeling quite alone in propagating the idea
(if you keep in mind that also the patch fo www.debian.org/intro/organization.wml
was done by me).  But I would like to spend my power more to Debian-Med
instead of doing the work for all those CDDs. :-(

Kind regards


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