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Re: [custom] Re: Custom Debian Distributions (was: Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?))

> Debian-Jr, Debian-Med, Debian-Edu, Debian-Np, Debian-Lex

Is there a single place where all official Custom Debian Distributions
(CDDs - even a reasonable TLA), aka internal projects, are listed?

> These Custom Distributions use the technique of metapackages and have
> common goals and try to develop common technologies.

Should have a cdd@lists.d.o list then...

> It would be easy to mention these under one common term for an easy

yes, that would be good

> reference.  In Oslo was a decision to name it "Custom Debian Distribution"
> and if we try to speak with each other we have to agree about some
> terms.  This thread shows that there is not yet an agreement and this
> sucks because we have to explain over and over again what we are talking
> about.

Actually, it feels to me like we've come to a rough concensus on Custom
Debian Distribution. There is agreement a single term is a good thing,
perhaps with sub-definitions. No one (unless I missed it) has proposed a
better name that hasn't had problems pointed out. I think.

> For instance we have defined a term "Package Pools" and everybody now
> knows what we are talking about ...


It comes down to people using it. How would one go about creating a
common location for pointers to all of these CDDs?

Then, it's up to the projects to start using the term. A list would I
think be very good for making cdd discussions stand out at this point -
there seems to be enough traffic. But perhaps I'm wrong, I don't know.


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