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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

On Sun, 2003-11-30 at 00:22, Anthony Towns wrote:
> So last year (well, early this year), Bdale came up with the idea of
> "flavours", which unfortunately hasn't really gone anywhere yet. That idea
> basically goes "If Debian is the Universal Operating System -- that is,
> it can do everything you might want -- then doing any particular thing
> is just a matter of choosing some subset of Debian packages". That is,
> that custom CDs should just be a matter of saying "these are the packages
> that non-profits want -- please grab them, then burn them onto a bootable
> CD for me". No extra hacks, extra debs, or anything else -- they're all
> included in Debian.
> Obviously, that doesn't work yet.

I'm thinking of three things, are there more?:
1) live CD creation
2) custom install CD creation
3) base install, then "aptitude install flavour"

1) and 2) are the Knoppix/ Debix/ FAI stuff which from the sound of it
is all underway at this point.

3) sounds just like tasks - is there anything more than tasks that is
thought of for "flavours"?

Is there more to flavours than tasks, custom install CDs and custom live
CDs concepts - what is required in addition (package-wise, mechanically/
technically) to realise this concept "Debian Flavours"?

I ask because it sounds like it would be very useful to sub projects (my
immediate interests - debian-multimedia (here now) and debian-enterprise
(coming soon). I imagine a debian-enterprise live CD might be a very
handy thing for lazy/ ex-MSWindows/ in-a-hurry-need-a-solution-now
admins wanting to demo for management, set up net access terminals or
secretary boxes, or whatever. Similarly for debian-multimedia. Similarly
custom install CDs for the admin with a little more time and/ or
planning, etc, etc.

> The issue isn't "getting rid of the hacks", it's integrating them
> into Debian.  That's hard, because we'd want to make them work on 11
> architectures rather than just one,

But new packages (eg. knop-install, whatever) only have to start out on
a single architecture. So this is simply a build-it over time thing.
Step one appears to have a few people motivated to get initial
integration with Debian happening, on the two main fronts (live CD
creation, and custom install CD creation). This is great to hear.

It feels like these things will help to scale Debian to a new level of
fleximility (and size) whatever the case.


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