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GIMP 1.3, plugins and i18n


I have been playing with a gimp plugin (namely dcraw's
plugin) and version 1.3.

If the LANG is set to a european setting, eg:
fr_FR.UTF-8@euro then the GIMP quite rightly uses ","
instead of "." for decimal points (3,14159 not 3.14159)

When the plugin calles the dcraw executable via system()
it passes float values as "1,8" instead of "1.8".
The version of atof() sees the "," and ignores all following
data, corrupting the value.

A quick scan through the glibc documentation implies that
the stdlib functions should automagically work with ","
given the correct locale, (specificially LC_NUMERIC).

So, my question, is this a libc6, a GIMP or my problem?



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