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Re: GIMP 1.3, plugins and i18n

Am 27.11.03 um 18:01:35 schrieb Steve King:
> [...] fr_FR.UTF-8@euro [...]

What is this supposed to mean? The "@euro" seems completely superfluous.
It was used in "fr_FR@euro" to change the default encoding from
ISO-8859-1 to ISO-8859-15, but since you use UTF-8, it's useless.

> The version of atof() sees the "," and ignores all following
> data, corrupting the value.

If this is so, then the code didn't call setlocale in the right way for
this piece of code.

> So, my question, is this a libc6, a GIMP or my problem?

It's not libc6, as it works. It's a communication problem of the GIMP
components then. They always have to use the same locale. (Therefore it
would be best to internally use the C locale for exchange, but this a
philosophical question and should be of no concern to the user anyway.)


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