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Re: Preparation of Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r2 (II)

Scripsit Kenshi Muto <kmuto@debian.org>

>> If there are more-clearly-free alternative fonts in Debian that
>> provide the same glyphs, then I won't oppose removing them. But if
>> removal would entail actual hardship for

> "same glyph" of Watanabe-font causes a trouble. It means copy without
> original author's permission.

Huh? Does that means that Hitachi asserts a copyright on the very
words "their" font is used to write down, or what?

> One of "More-clearly-free alternative scalable Japanese fonts" is
> kochi-mincho/kochi-gothic in sid/sarge. Many Japanese use this
> font rather than Watanabe font.

If this alternative contains the necessary glyphs, then I do not see
that much of a problem with removing the Hitachi fonts.

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