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Re: Example of really nasty DD behavior

Please don't misinterpret my terse replies for annoyance or flaming.
This is really a non-issue, and my email reflects that.

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 02:14:48PM +0100, Duck wrote:
> As Martin Pitt said, I think it's wise contacting related persons,
> look at the program, and then, when you relly want to package it,
> write an ITP.

Wise to contact upstream, sure.  Necessary, no.  Wise and necessary to
look at the package before sending an ITP.  Yes.  Obviously the other
developer looked at the software and found it valuable.  He simply
didn't ITP it.  Perhaps it didn't take him that long to make the
package.  Who cares.  Non-issue.

> I was just complaining about his behavior, i don't mind having this
> package or not.

But he did NOTHING WRONG.  He did what developers do, they package
software.  You lost your opportunity to "own" the package because of
timing, not becase of someone's supposed bad behavior.  Let me
reitterate, "The early bird gets the worm."

Let's put the stigma of "my package" and "her package" aside, as well as
the idea of loosing "effort" for one reason or another.  Let's
concentrate on improving Debian.

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