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Example of really nasty DD behavior

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Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@debian.org> wrote :

> libxklavier & gswitchit packages are uploaded and waiting to be added by
> ftp-master.

This nasty behavior shows that being an officiel Debian developer
does not mean quality.

I was writing an ITP when you posted that and suddendly, saw all my
work preparation turned into ashes.

You did work on your own without any notice.
May i remeber you the use of IPTs and RFPs ?
These are tools to inform people about works to be done and work in
progress in order to avoid duplicate work.
As u did not fill any ITP nor informed anybody on this RFP, u did make
me loose my time preparing for doing this packaging.

Moreover, while you were running to be the first guy to upload a package,
you forgot that working hand in hand with the upstream author is the
best way to produce a work of good quality.
I did contact him, but you didn't.

Another thing, someone had already packaged this program (see web site);
he is not a Debian developer and has not enought time to become one. But
he has done an interresting job and you could have contacted him and ask
him gently if he was interrested in entering the maintainer process
(because he could have made this package to be prepared and then propose
it into Debian). You could have some respect for his work, even if he is
not a DD.
I did contact him, but you didn't.

I'm informing these two persons about the situation, because i'm sure
u do not have a second for such social activities.

Thx for remebering you're not alone in the world...

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