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Re: Debian communication and attitude [was: Re: Example of really nasty DD behavior]


On 2003-11-17  0:17 +1100, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> If you don't write the ITP first, you run the risk of somebody else
> duplicating your work!  Exactly what happened here.

Not quite exactly, as far as I understood, Filip did not send an ITP
at all. This would have decreased the chance of double work, though
not completely eliminated it.

> It's not the other guy's fault, he's not psychic. 

I never did and never would never claim that. I guess it just was bad
luck. Duck, please don't take it personally and keep up the work. 

> If Duck wants to become a developer then the time spent working on this
> package isn't wasted, it would've been good practice at creating a
> package.

Agreed :-) Practising never hurts, but of course it would make more
sense if the outcome would be usable for something.

> Now if he could just start to post on this list with his real name
> ...

Right. Duck, please do that.

Have a nice day!


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