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Re: Bug#219582: ITP: linux -- Linux 2.4 kernel

Robert Millan schrieb:
> I don't see why. I have a bunch of resources to find a solution for this
> trivial bug.

You are implying the other DDs are your ressource for finding
what you are calling "trivial bugs". They are not. It's your
duty to think of most of it beforehand.

If you didn't want to imply that: Which ressources do you have?
Why did you not already use them?

> I'm not suitable because my package has a trivial bug? Sorry, but you're
> not entitled to put my skills in question.

Straight question, straight answer: 
Did you think about system.map at all?

> Is getting wchan displayable a reason to solve the System.map issue? If it
> is, I'll solve it. But I haven't seen anyone explaining what is wchan
> useful for at all. 

It's not our duty to explain why we want feature A or B.
If your are going to provide a new style of packaging something,
it's your duty do do it at least as well as the old style
and to preserve ALL features, no matter how useful you
find them personally.

> My amount of thought and consideration will apply when I get bug reports
> through the BTS. 

That's too late for thoughts.

You are telling us: 
I'll throw this package in Debian,
I don't care about features I don't use,
if anybody does, he should file a bug report.

That's not what I'd call thorough working.

> Which brings back the question on wether you're looking for bugs on
> purpose just for the sake of trolling.

YOU are the one who should look for bugs (on purpose!) before.

All those people do this to help you seeing the difficulties
in your project. It's meant to help you.


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