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Re: Bug#219582: ITP: linux -- Linux 2.4 kernel

#include <hallo.h>
* Robert Millan [Tue, Nov 11 2003, 12:21:32PM]:

> > (This is exactly the same question as Matthew asked, of course; but it
> > is an important question relative to this ITP and I want to see it
> > answered.)
> I don't like turning this ITP into a technical discussion to prove either
> my dessign is consistent or I'm capable as a maintainer. However I'll respond
> to your question this time:

Why could you not just wait for the debian-kernel mailing list to be
created and really discuss your proposal there with other maintainers
(which may have more experience in packaging kernels for different
architectures) instead of pushing your own ideas as the one best thing?

>   Place the package files in /usr/lib, and copy them conditionaly (debconf)
>   into /boot. The debconf question would properly explain that if per chooses
>   to update it, then the system must be rebooted promptly.

(You can read peoples mind? ;) A similar method is also on my Design
paper for the next debian-kernel generation...)

Note that copying files takes double space. Better method would be
installing the files into a new directory "/boot/dk-linux-x.y.z/" and
adding symlinks from them to /boot/.... Same for

> > You're proposing a packaging scheme where the package name is not
> > changed for new kernel versions. It is entirely legitimate for people to
> > bring up potential problems with this scheme. I'm disappointed that you
> > feel it necessary to brush them off just to railroad your proposal
> > through.
> I don't feel it necessary. But this is not the first trivial maintainer issue
> I'm being pointed at in this ITP, and I'm getting the impression that some
> people are doing it deliberately.

As said before, people look for reasons to justificate the choice of the
package name, causing additional "confusion" for users and waste of
archive space without seeing much advantages. And you fail to explain
those advantages so don't wonder about so many people not liking this

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