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Re: On linux kernel packaging issue

#include <hallo.h>
* Glenn McGrath [Sun, Nov 09 2003, 05:09:32PM]:

> > What does that mean? Gentoo uses a heavily patched kernel which goes
> > far beyound of what we dicuss 
> I was in a debian chroot under a gentoo system hence both tests used the
> same kernel.

But different programs. As said by others, most difference comes from
the application itself. Let's compare default bzip2 and one compiled for

# time bzip2 -9 < out.wav > /dev/null 

real    0m48.989s
user    0m41.930s
sys     0m0.220s
# time /tmp/bzip2-1.0.2/bzip2 -9 < out.wav > /dev/null 

real    0m39.017s
user    0m38.920s
sys     0m0.090s

Do you see now that 8 of your 10 percent come directly from the
application code and other two maybe from the optimized libc? There is
not{hing| much} we have won using an optimised kernel. But the placebo
effect has been demonstraded once again.

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		-- Jean Paul

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