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Re: [debian-devel] Re: A case study of a new user turned off debian

A levelezőm azt hiszi, hogy viro@parcelfarce.linux.theplanet.co.uk a következőeket írta:
> > > but I wouldn't touch Herbert's kernels with a ten-feet pole.
> 	a) I can do better

<usual response>
Please do then.
</usual response>
I guess having kernel-image-vanilla and/or
kernel-image-onlybugfix in debian would not hurt.

> 	b) I don't do huge monolitic patches
> 	c) I don't like Herbert's taste
> 	d) some boxen are used for 2.6 work

I think the same about the rest, however I understand that
Herbert does the best kernel debs you can apt-get install,
and he does a very importand job no one else is willing to
do, and he does it well (but with a different approach I or
you do not do).

GNU GPL: csak tiszta forrásból

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