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Re: Grsec/PaX and Exec-shield

On 03-Nov-03, 11:26 (CST), Tiago Assump??o <module@whatever.org.ar> wrote: 
> First of all, maybe the most important, we have the freedom problem here.
> It?s CLEAR, after analyzing his own words, that our friend Russell Coker
> has a big interest of getting Exec-shield as part of Debian Linux.
> That becomes even more clear when you see the affirmation, again his own
> words, he's employed by Red Hat.

So what? A lot (well, some) of Debian developers are paid by Red Hat.  That
hardly makes him Eeeeeevilll.

> I won't say here that Red Hat, Inc. would be manipulating information
> to force Debian users to use one of their products, because I would be going
> down, at the same level as Coker. Since I don't know Red Hat's relationship
> to this issue, I would go for how non-professional Russel Coker has been
> with his posts.

The only non-professional posts I've seen so far are from you and the
other Pax guy (spender@grsecurit.net). The kind of crappy insinuation
that you attempt above is *completely* non-profressional. Russell Coker,
OTOH, has a long history of sane and civil posts. You're absolutely
correct, you're nowhere *near* the level of Coker, but down is not the
direction you need to go to get there.

> - Who are -you- (the ONLY individual) to define standards on linux kernel
>   security designs?

He's the person doing the work. He's hardly defining standard. If you'd
been following along, you'ld now that there is currently a conflict
between the standard Debian kernel (patched, like all other distribution
kernels), and the grsec patch. Nobody has stepped forward to fix it. Are
you doing so now?

> "I will make a kernel-patch package."
> - Again, I don't understand why you should worry so much about some project
>   you don't even own/manage. Or this is for Red Hat?

Because he's interested in seeing that functionality in Debian? Do you
have a fscking clue as to what group you're talking to here? We *all*
maintain packages of projects that we don't own/manage!

> This is a lot of information, but google for much more! Users need to
> build their ideas, and choose what to pick! Don?t let somebody right
> the rules and sign out without being aware of what's up.

Good advice. I won't let either you or Spender bulldoze your way in here
with your wild accusations of Red Hat conspiracy. 

Look, if you you want Pax as part of Debian, then *YOU* create a patch
in the appropriate format, and *YOU* maintain it to Debian standards.
Or find someone else to do so. But you don't get to jump in here and
tell the peole doing the work what to do, especially when all you have
to contribute is weirdo conspiracy theories and not-very-sly personal

Steve, who hasn't see this kind of nuttiness since reading the mplayer
mailling lists/flame wars.

Steve Greenland
    The irony is that Bill Gates claims to be making a stable operating
    system and Linus Torvalds claims to be trying to take over the
    world.       -- seen on the net

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