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Re: Grsec/PaX and Exec-shield

Tiago Assumpção wrote:
> It´s CLEAR, after analyzing his own words, that our friend Russell Coker
> has a big interest of getting Exec-shield as part of Debian Linux.
This is the sentence of your mail I can agree with (except for the big

I might add that, I, too, appreciate anything that makes Debian
installations more secure. If Russel makes a (sane) proposal to either
include exec-shield in the Debian kernel or - if there is no consent
that this would be a good thing - make a kernel-package from it, I can
only thank him because it probably buys me some more security without
having to do much work.

Also, not only do personally I value Russel's work for Debian, but he
also is one of the people who have left me with the impression that they
are amongst the most reasonable participants in DD discussions with
quite a bit of technical insight and an agreeable lack of "hidden
agendas". In fact, at the time I followed debian-devel via the web
archives, I used to only used the authors index as a starting point,
only reading the mails of people that seemed to write particulary
worthwhile mails, one of them was Russel.

So, please don't start insulting and accusing people for doing good work
and proposing to do even more of it. If there are technical reasons that
cause you to prefer that exec-shield does not become part of Debian's
standard kernel, just put them on the table, but save us your conspiracy



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