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Re: Localized bug reporting?

Re: Ben Collins in <[🔎] 20031030153730.GC7904@phunnypharm.org>
> > It wouldn't be better if the bug continues to be reported against the
> > package and then the developer reports a bug against the "pt_BR team"
> > asking for a translation?

I think that's better. You can't know in advance which languages a
maintainer speaks (is able to read/write), so translating everything
would waste lots of effort.

For example, I can read French messages fairly good, so I wouldn't need
help on that, and I might be able to figure out what a Svedish bug
report said, but might also need help.

> But then the maintainer of the package relies on the translators, and
> can't close the bug if he gets no response.

You can still tell users that they should try English. But sometimes
using their native language speeds things up, if their English is bad.

> Doing it the other way, the translators become more reponsible. I think
> it puts the majority of the work right where it needs to be. Plus it
> limits the number of languages to just those that are supported,
> otherwise you might get arbitrary language being submmited in bug
> reports with no one to translate it.

Maybe one could add other "prefered" languages to those above. Maybe
ordered by the number of DDs' mother tongues...

> Also your approach requires that the maintainer become too familiar with
> how to handle all the language stuff, when all he should have to do is
> responsd to the translator.

I don't think *that* would be a problem.

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Wohnheim D, 2405, Universität des Saarlandes, 0681/9657944

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