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Re: [PROPOSAL] new debian-kernels mailing list

At Thu, 30 Oct 2003 20:53:18 +0100,
Francesco Paolo Lovergine wrote:
> as already proposed by me last September, starting from an old thread 
> in -private, it's IMO time to start a new mailing list to better 
> cohordinate and manage debian kernels and patches.
> The list (dedicated to developers, of course) should be dedicated to 
> discussions, proposals and patches related to Linux and non-Linux 
> kernels (BSD and Hurd) in Debian, with the same purposes and uses 
> of the more seasoned debian-gcc and debian-glibc MLs.
> One or more kernel teams could be started from there, under major control of 
> Herbert Xu (current main kernel maintainer) and other kernel hackers.
> (please, Herbert could you express your opinions about?)
> This is an invitation to discussion before submitting a formal proposal
> to lists.debian.org. There was already a certain interest in september, 
> but a larger consensus could be a good thing.

Yes, I think most developers has no strong objections - please go

From the point of view as debian-glibc maintainer, Daniel Jacobowitz
already set up linux-kernel-headers package for experimental, which is
replaced kernel headers file (ex: /usr/include/linux) in libc6-dev.
This new nptl aware libc6-dev will be unstable in (near?) future.  I
think debian-glibc linux-kernel-headers package can cooperate under
this kind of lists.

-- gotom

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