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Re: Source only uploads?

Andrew Suffield dijo [Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 03:10:02PM +0100]:
> > I don't see how the current process help you on this?  Any maintainer
> > can be lazy, and upload half-compiled package.  There is many way to
> > make a package where even the debian/rules file doesn't run.  If the
> > package is a binary-all, it will not even be notice!
> If the maintainer is an incompetent moron, sure. But we generally
> assume maintainers don't do stupid things like this.

If the maintainer is tired, has not got good sleep, has many things on
his head or whatever, he might not be such a moron. He might just want
to get the new package shipped - Probably fixing an important
bug. Yes, I know it would be more responsable for the maintainer to
wait until his head works fine, but sometimes you have to rush a
fix. It is an extra step to insure quality.

> For binary-all packages, people do on occasion attempt to rebuild them
> to trap this sort of problem. It hasn't yet been automated, but it
> could be.

And should be.

> With the current process, most packages are built in a real-world
> environment and then used in that environment by a significant number
> of people, over a significant period of time. This gives us a better
> than average chance of noticing any problems. It's not perfect, but
> it's probably the best we're going to get.

What do you achieve by preferring real-world environments? My build
environment is very real-world (I use it), but it probably is as
different as yours as it is from an artificial environment. My
packages are only proven to build on my personal machine.


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