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Re: Source only uploads?

Andrew Suffield wrote:
I say that failing to function when built in anything but a particular
artificial environment is a serious bug in a source package.

Currently, IMHO, failing to build on all architecture AT LEAST in an
artificial environment is a far more important bug.  I think that if the
package only built for a specific architecture on the machine of the
developper is even worse! At least, the artificial environment of pbuilder is reproductible.

I understand your concern that a package must be able to built on
any Debian environment as long as the architecture is support and the
build-deps are respected, but I find that an additional request that
the package be able to build in pbuilder add to the quality of the

> Any action whose effect is to avoid noticing these bugs cannot be a
> good idea.

I don't see how the current process help you on this?  Any maintainer
can be lazy, and upload half-compiled package.  There is many way to
make a package where even the debian/rules file doesn't run.  If the
package is a binary-all, it will not even be notice!


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