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Re: Source only uploads?

Andrew Suffield dijo [Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 04:53:30AM +0100]:
> > I completely agree with you. A natural environment has a much
> > larger probability to introduce mistakes than an artificial one - if a
> > mistake appears when building in a overly limited artificial
> > environment, we can quite confidently conclude that the packager
> > omitted something. Most (trivial) FTBFS bugs I have inspected arise
> > from an omitted build-dependency. Many, as Sven Luther points out, are
> Be very wary of listening to Sven Luther. His comments are frequently
> disconnected from reality.

...I have quite a good impression from him - and even more on this
particular thread: He is quite an expert regarding working on/for
multiple architectures. As for me, OTOH, I am just a Perl programmer,
most of my packages are arch-independent. And they are not autobuilt
at all - I would love them to be autobuilt just to be sure my job did
not get dirty from using other Perl modules.

> I can't see how you can say this while "agreeing" with me. If we only
> put artificially built packages in testing, then we are *not* testing
> packages built in a real-world environment, so we have no real idea
> how well they work.

Maybe because my English is not native and I fail to understand some
convoluted constructs? :)

We *ARE* testing everything. If a package cannot be correctly built,
in the rare case where this is not detected at build time, will fail
miserably at its users - in Unstable or in Testing. This will help us
ensure the test cycle is performed on the package quality itself. I
fear that we have some (mainly architecture:all) packages in our
stable release that FTBFS - which went undetected because no
restricted, artificial builds were ever performed on it.


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