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Re: Source only uploads?

Op zo 19-10-2003, om 15:25 schreef Matthias Urlichs:
> For example, we
> could block a package from building when two other autobuilders have
> reported a failure on it. That would have the added benefit to place
> somewhat less load on already-overworked architectures like m68k.

Please, no. Our autobuilder architecture is only half-automated for a
reason. I won't trust any computer to *reliably* decide whether a build
failed because of a transitional problem (unresolved build-depends,
network problems, ...), because it shouldn't be built ("architecture"
header in debian/control), because of architecture-specific problems
(toolchain), or because there was a bug in the package. Your suggestion
would only be The Right Thing in the last case...

(no particular objection to the rest of your mail, though)

Wouter Verhelst
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